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Photo of Danielle and her husband Nate standing on their front porch with their children.


I am running for State Board of Education because I believe in public education and know that a quality education is key to our individual and collective futures. I want to serve on the State Board of Education to ensure that all Nebraska students have the opportunity to receive an education that enables them to flourish. 

Growing up and attending public schools in Nebraska, I learned firsthand how powerful good schools are in teaching, nurturing and supporting students. I am running because I want all students to have what I had: schools with caring adults who helped them become the people they want to be.

Many students are struggling with all kinds of challenges at home, and that inevitably affects their ability to focus and succeed in school. This makes the role of schools in creating safe and supportive spaces for learning even more critical.  

My career and life experiences will equip me to serve as a member of the State Board of Education. I am a listener, a learner, and a leader. These skills are essential for being a community-minded member of the State Board of Education. 

Focus Areas
Always keep students at the center:
  • Implement systems to regularly communicate with students and parents to hear about their experiences;

  • Advocate for local control so schools can meet the needs of the students in their communities;

  • Ensure all students, regardless of circumstances, have equitable access to high quality education;

  • Expand access to high quality, equitable early childhood education opportunities;

  • Enhance access to mental and behavioral health support for students; and

  • Ensure responsible public education spending that prioritizes students. 

With teacher burnout on the rise, we must focus on teacher recruitment, teacher retention, and teacher well-being:
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to recruiting and retaining Nebraska’s teachers (e.g., the Praxis Core exam);

  • Encourage and support Grow Your Own programs – especially in rural communities and in populations underrepresented in the teaching profession;

  • Enhance access to mental health resources for school staff; and

  • Implement systems to regularly communicate with teachers to hear their concerns in order to address root causes.

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